dog ends™ tail protectors

Introducing our latest animal product - dog ends™ - a simple yet brilliant invention to protect and heal dogs suffering from tail tip injuries.

Tail tip injuries are common problems in working sniffer dogs, and other dog types, caused by incessant wagging! Although the wounds can be very minor, they are easily damaged as the tail wags, and may just continue to bleed and not heal, for weeks or months on end.

Many cases have to end in tail amputation, causing pain and distress, and also taking a very valuable dog out of work for significant periods of time. Many of these dogs are instrumental in ensuring safety and security for people all over the world, and such a simple wound can have huge knock on effects. Our patented product protects the wound area and uniquely allows the wound to be kept in a ventilated and clean environment, so making healing rapid and safe.

Have a look at our dog ends™ product page for more information about how they work.