Ian Dampney

industrial designer

Ian Dampney started his career as a Staff designer in Design Consultancy.  He managed new products to market for a leading HiFi company, including tooling, training assembly staff, procurement, and quality control.  In 1976, Ian established the Random Partnership, a model, prototyping and development company.  He grew this to become the Random Group PLC, incorporating Random Product Design Ltd, Random Computing Ltd, Random Electronics Ltd, and Random Technologies.  Clients of the group included GEC, BT, STC, Schlumberger, McLaren Grand Prix and Ferrari. 

The Group was restructured to accommodate changing technologies, and Ian bought Random Technologies out of the Group in 1999, and continued the company as a Design and Development consultancy.  Projects have included instruments for minimally invasive surgery, aircrew helmets for fast jet and search and rescue and lightweight flight cases for high value equipment.  Many of these projects are currently continuing as long term product developments and improvements. 

Ian’s role in Bonovate is to oversee product development, ensuring that products are designed for production at maximum efficiency and at minimum cost, as well as overseeing quality control of all products in the manufacture process.