Hound Surround

Currently Not For Sale

For a long time, vets have used Elizabethan collars: plastic cones fitting over the head, and extending far out to the side and front of the head, preventing the dog getting to any area of its body to lick or chew. Elizabethan collars work well, but have developed a reputation for being very unpopular with patients, and especially with their owners!

Elizabethan collars are useful for wounds virtually anywhere on the body. They are simple and relatively strong. However the sheer width of the cone makes it difficult for animals to turn round in kennels, or navigate through doorways. The lack of air movement at the back of the collar can also predispose to skin and ear infections.

What's different about the Hound Surround?

Our Hound Surround keeps the trusted cone shape, but we've reduced the size of the cone by 25% by overlapping and welding sections of the plastic.  The width of the Hound Surround is then no wider than your pet's shoulders - making it much easier to navigate through doors.

Hound Surrounds are made from a special soft transparent elastomeric plastic - making them almost glass clear, yet highly resistant to breaking.  They are presented single packed and folded in special recyclable packaging, making them very easy to ship, split packs and display for sale.

We've also included ventilation slots at the level of the ears to aid in the management and prevention of ear and skin infections. The Hound Surround is fully welded, with a pre-woven collar strap with a high quality buckle, making life easier for veterinary staff and allowing the Hound Surround to lie comfortably on the dog's neck.  A single strap is woven through the collar to assemble it - assembly takes only a few seconds.  Three adjustment positions are available to cope with different neck widths.

Hound Surrounds finally offer a trustworthy way to improve patient management in dogs and cats.

What's coming next?

Hound Surrounds have been developed through preliminary market testing over the last three years.  We've used the information from this testing to develop the design and find suppliers and manufacturers for the finished product.   We've now developed Hound Surrounds for mass production, using industrial welding techniques and developing this product into a complete single boxed collar.  We're currently looking for a partner to bring this product to full production.